There is no house like the House of Belonging.

A place for the painters,
the poets,
the mystics,
and the misfits.

The name Belonging House was inspired by a book by David Whyte.  

In 2006 Mr. Whyte graciously gave us permission to use the name, 

and it has served us well. 

Where is your house?

Our house is built with words.  We do not have a physical house, and now because of our global community, having a single location would be impossible.  There are several ways you can be part of the Belonging House fellowship.  

Make the Belonging House Commitment.

You can find out about the Belonging House Commitment here.

Beth Charashim:
the House of Artisans

During the lockdown in 2020 we began praying on Sundays on Zoom.  That eventually grew into a worshiping community for the many in Belonging House who are not part of a traditional church.  We hear the Bible, teaching, pray, and have communion together (please bring bread and wine with you).     We meet at 10 am ET (15:00 UK time) each Sunday.  The Button will take you to our Zoom channel.

Join us for prayer

As a Belonging House community, we gather for prayer six days a week

The Daily Prayer Furnace: Monday to Friday at 7 am ET (noon UK) we gather to pray together in tongues for 15 minutes.  We have many who attend regularly who do not speak in tongues.  Come and listen to God with us.  The button will take you to our Zoom channel.

Start a small group

Many members of our community have formed small groups to learn to listen to God together.  We have called these groups “Fire Teams” in the past and we encourage a really simple way of meeting with one or more for mutual encouragement.

The Format for small  groups is in a little book of prayers we compiled.  You can download the book and start meeting with a friend today!

Listen to our podcast

Get the Friday Email

Every Friday Christ John Otto send out a Friday email.  It takes less than 3 minutes to read and we promise it will change your life.  And don’t worry, these are not marketing emails.  This is where many people get connected to Belonging House.

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