Identity is Everything.

The word for
appears in the Bible
24 times.

The first time it is used is in Exodus 31, 

when God calls Bezalel to be the leader of an army of artists who will build the Tabernacle, including the Ark of the Covenant.  

The name Bezalel is closely related to Genesis 1:26.

“In the Image of God, he created them.”

Bezalel’s name indicated who he was:

He was a master artist, skilled craftsman, and gifted teacher.

He was filled with the Holy Spirit,

and was the full expression of his name.

Image of God.

In the New Testament,

Jesus is described in the greek

as a fine craftsman in wood.

Jesus was an artisan.

In the original languages,
the Bible says
the calling to the arts
is the full expression of God's
Person, Presence, and Power.

Belonging House exists to help raise up artists from the lies they have been told about themselves and their calling.  We provide resources to help artists and creative people learn to hear God.  

One of our resources is a free e-book, Drip.

This is a great place to start if you want to understand who God created you to be as a creative and unconventional Person.

Listen to the Lord
and do what He tells you.

God has given artists and creative people a high calling,

and this calling is deeply woven into the Kingdom of God and the future of planet Earth.

Imagine if there was a strong deep disciple of Jesus Christ . . .

  • on the board of every major arts organization
  • on the faculty of every arts, design, theatre, and music school
  • on the board of directors of every media and entertainment company
  • on the set of every film and theatrical production
  • making the decisions to greenlight every new music, film, video, or entertainment project.

Imagine a very different world than the one we live in today.

Start here.

Go get a new notebook, and a pencil.

We recommend reading the daily gospel lesson

(you can find it here

and then take a few minutes of quiet each day 

to write down what God is saying to you.

In learning to listen to the voice of the Father 

you will discover who you are, 

and who you were created to be.

Not only will you discover your true identity,

you will discover how much you matter to God.

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