You are made in the image of God
You are God's masterpiece
Come sit at the Father's Table
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Raise up an Army of Artists
to build Jesus a throne in the Earth.

Since 2006,

this call has been the driving force 

behind Belonging House, 

an international fellowship of artists and creative people.


We are committed to helping artists become disciples of Jesus Christ.

We do this through teaching, writing, community, and prayer.

Our core message is this: 

Listen to the Lord and do what He tells you.

Our Story

With the call to raise up artists came another call: 

Tell the story of all that God is doing through Belonging House, 

and God will move people to join the movement and give.  Christ (rhymes with “wrist”) tells the story in a series of videos that were recorded in 2020 during the lockdown in London.  

You can hear the whole story here.


The Friday Email

Since the beginning, 

our founder, Christ John Otto 

has been telling the Belonging House story 

each week through the Friday Email.  

 The Friday Email is the backbone of the Belonging House fellowship, 

and the primary place people connect with us.

We promise that this will not be used for marketing or data mining.

“I never miss the Friday email. I don’t read most of the things that are sent to me, but the Friday email is like reading a work of art. Christ John Otto understands how my brain works and what he writes goes in.”

fear not God can be trusted

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